restoring a roaster

December 21, 2009

After six months of research, searching and negotiations, we finally received our beloved vintage roaster which we kidnapped from the alps of switzerland to bring it to it’s new home, Portland, OR. This is a french built roaster made by Samiac. Built in the early 70’s this roaster has more cast iron than any other roaster I have seen, as well as a firebox full of ceramic bricks (temperature stability) and separate motors for customized airflow.

Not extremely happy with the “refurbish” job the company we bought the roaster from, we have decided to fully restore the roaster and have taken it down to cast iron, and will be doing a full restoration. This has been quite an undertaking, with countless hours of grinding and sanding, coughing and sweating, Brandon has developed an intimate relationship with our soon to be roasting buddy.

By taking everything apart and putting things back together we are truly learning the in’s and out of this 20 Kilo locomotive, and plan to have the best custom Samiac in the US in no time.

Below is a close up of the cast iron front of the drum which is almost fully restored.

We were extremely excited the day the roaster arrived, but after some digging and poking around, we felt the need to fully restore this guy. I will be posting pics of the restoration process. Below is how it looked when we received it … I call it a 20 20 restoration, looks great 20 feet away or going 20 mph. Just wait. This thing will shine.


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