probing into the probatino

December 22, 2009

so here at WAC we have a small team of scientists, philosophers, raconteurs and beer snobs, who like to figure out how things work. In addition to restoring our 20 kilo Samiac, we are bringing a probatino back to life, which was stripped of it’s cooling tray and cooling exhaust a while back. We plan to Frankenstein this little roaster that could back together in the coming week or two. With a custom cooling system and paint job, this little guy will be a perfect addition to our roasting arsenal.

UPDATE: An afternoon of tinkering and modifications and we have fire! The drum is rolling and we have flame to it. Need to run for a while and burn off some residuals, but this is a good sign. Measurements have been taken to build some modifications, and a temporary cooling tray … until the one on order arrives.


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