Street 14 Coffee

December 31, 2009

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Astoria, OR to see our friend and client Denise Heckes, who is soon to open Street 14 Coffee. Her shop is located in the street level corner space beneath the new Commodore Hotel. Her shop will for sure be fantastic and will have a true focus on quality. One of the highlights is a massive vintage “coffee shop” neon sign above the bar that used to hang in Portland.

She has been working with a Portland interior design firm on the ambiance, as well as local craftsmen to custom build all of her furniture, etc. I can’t  wait to see everything finished. Check out this awesome bench!

Street 14 Coffee will be a great addition to the coffee scene in Astoria and is going to be a cool spot to kick back. Also offered will be micro brews and wine and great pastries and lunch items. We are thrilled to be working with Denise and wish her the best of success with the new coffee shop. (Target opening date is mid February)



  1. Denise does everything beautifully, with inately fine taste. Brava!

  2. Portland interior design firm= osmosedesign.com

  3. WOW! We’ve known Denise had a talent for decorating, but these pictures are amazing! We are so excited for her, and looking forward to visiting her new coffee shop when it is up and running. What a fabulous place to go and have a cup of coffee and be able to sit and visit with friends. So looking forward to the opening!!!

  4. Portland interior design firm: osmosedesign.com

  5. Just wanted to thank matt for all of his support and expertise. It feels darn good to have a coffee celebrity in my corner. Nice blog, thanks matt. Also thank you to friends and family for the nice words and support. Caruana is the contractor who’s crew built some of the most beatiful pieces I’ve seen and Portland based
    Osmose helped with design. Thanks Andee! Schoolhouse electric ( Portland based) provided some lighting detail and the “coffee shop” neon Sign that is being widely talked about came from Able Signs in Portland. Thanks Rick for sadly parting with your RAD sign! This coffee shop is going to be off the hook and I want to thank everyone for their input and support!

    • What about the Hott Pants?

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