WAC Factory Annex

January 4, 2010

So today was the big day that the Probatino was moved to it’s temporary home in the humble yet kick ass garage of Brandon. plastic army men, vintage scwhinn’s, work benches and mason jars of nuts and bolts will welcome this little guy. Soon, coffee will be pourin from the drum of our mish mash 1 kilo buddy.

UPDATE: Brandon and Eric have got the Probatino fired up in the garage, and have been able to MacGyver this baby together by building a cooling tray, exhaust system, chaff collector and cyclone burner from household goods and ingenuity. Genuine parts are on the way from Probat, we don’t want to waste anytime.

Many hours were spent in the cold to frankenstein this guy to where it is working great. There was even a freak snow storm the other evening that added to the fun and chaos in the WAC factory annex. Have you ever seen a tougher looking cooling tray?


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