About WAC

Water Avenue Coffee is a quaint little coffee factory in SE Portland’s inner Eastside. An Industrial coffee roasting plant with a retail coffee bar and cupping tables open to public coffee cuppings and discussion. We like to take things apart and put them back together, and have restored two coffee roasters and a 1972 Chevy Step Van to sell our boutique roasted beans from during our build out.

We live to serve excellent craft roasted coffees, and are taking on a few wholesale accounts along the way. If you are interested in exceptional seasonal coffees and get excited about experimental oak aged Sumatra give us a call.

We are now open 7:30-5 M-F and will soon be open Saturdays. For more information email us at wateravenuecoffee@gmail.com or call and ask for Matt at 800-655-3955! Thanks and see you in the shop!



  1. Hi,
    My name is Jamie J. Brahan, and I am the Executive Director of World Trade Center Peru. I am currently helping a small coffee producer export his coffee. The coffee is shade grown, certified organic coffee. It comes ground & packaged. We may explore options of labeling the coffee under a different name, and providing the coffee in green, or roasted bean. Our supply is very limited. We would only be able ship one 20 foot container per month, about 40,000 Lbs. It is a quality product.
    Please reply.
    Jamie J. Brahan
    Executive Director
    World Trade Center Peru EIRL
    USA 202-241-3333
    your portal to Peruvian products

  2. hello. are you open yet? thanks!

  3. I write the Storefronts column about new retailers for local sections of The Oregonian. These are short news items, not advertising (no charge). Can you please provide a contact person and phone number.

  4. Just picked up a bag of El Toro from Brooklyn Standard in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Ground in my burr grinder, pulled an espresso and I’m liking what’s happening. Thank you.

  5. HI! I really like what you guys are doing! Portland needs something fresh on the coffee scene. If you guys are looking for any “FREE” labor give me a shout. In exchange maybe you can show me a few things about the roasting process.
    Thanks again!

  6. Hey!

    I just received a beautiful order of your Oak Aged Sumatra through the mail. I was wondering if you guys have experimented with different extraction parameters for it on the Aero Press. If so, which was best? So far my best results were with 28 grams of coffee, 100 ml brew water, 30 seconds brew time, with an extra 100 ml of water in the cup.


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