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When it rains we pour …

April 13, 2010

Water Avenue Coffee is super stoked to have such a great team and we are thrilled to be offering a great selection of pour over coffees daily as well as our espresso menu and Chemex into carafe as our only drip. While Drew Woods pours perfect capps and lattes, Tom Pikaart has been blowing minds with his pour over Hario fanaticism. Today we implemented a pre–portioned coffee method in dated, air tight containers from Coffee Vac to the pour over routine. We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy a freshly ground and hand poured cup of WAC coffee, and are implementing a way to make it a more streamlined process.

Exciting times down on Water Avenue. Come on by to try from our market price coffee menu currently featuring 5 coffees from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Rwanda, Honduras and Colombia.


Temporary Coffee is Open

April 3, 2010

Temporary Coffee is open at 1028 SE Water Avenue. We are extremely stoked to have Tom Pikaart ( and Drew Woods (Vivace) on board serving killer espresso and coffees. We are rocking 8 and 12 oz drinks, no menu board, pour over and chemex only for drip, serving coffees from WAC and espresso from OLY. Our hours are 7:30-5ish Monday-Friday. The goal is to transition from the Temporary Coffee space into the Water Avenue Coffee Factory in a month or so, but in the meantime, provide our neighbors with excellent coffee.

We have a small selection of delicious pastries from Pearl Bakery, Pie from Pie Spot, teas from Steven Smith Tea Co. and a big bowl of oranges. Come late in the day and you may find a stray Tecate in fridge, and Matt, Brandon and Bruce on one of the leather sofas.