Get your coffee individually roasted by the pound

February 25, 2010


While you are waiting for your dream catcher to be woven, watch as your selected coffee gets the 1lb treatment* on the propane-powered Probatino coffee roaster.

*Burt Reynolds Is Not Going To Be There So Don’t Show Up With Your Cannonball Run Poster or Showgirls merch.


Street 14 is open

February 22, 2010

It has been a fun few months working with Street 14 in Astoria, OR and helping them open the coolest new coffee bar in Oregon. Denise is the first official Water Avenue Coffee account, and currently the ONLY place where you can buy WAC Coffee.

Her shop is beautiful, and a designers dream … a perfect fit for the launch of WAC’s branding efforts and first round of coffees. We have 4 single origins, and espresso blend and a decaf on tap.

“The coffee is amazing, the food offering is incredible and the staff warm and friendly! It was really cool to be in the hotel lobby looking into a buzzing cafe!
Clearly a formidable partner in our success to come!
It’s been a long costly winter at the hotel – As a package – the cafe should complete an all ready compelling experience!
Water Ave’s coffee is spot on in their branding and identity- bought a bag for
French press at home.” Says Brian, a partner of the Commodore Hotel, where Street 14 rests in it’s main floor and lobby.

Here are some pics:


February 19, 2010

There is no other way to read a Hardy Boy’s mystery than with a wholesome and sober cup of decaf coffee. Tackling Nancy Drew, on the other hand, requires a quart of gin.


WAC VAN Painted

February 18, 2010

we searched and found an old school paint guy who was stoked to paint our WAC VAN with our logo … it turned out sick!


Wac Van

February 7, 2010

We have been working hard on finishing up the WAC van, and by next week we hope to have the logo, and pinstriping complete as well. Then permits, equipment, custom plates and we’ll be delivering and serving coffee out of our little coffee saloon on wheels. Huge high five to Brandon for the Water Avenue custom grill, and Jeremy Wilson (Dharma Bums) for the killer build out … so awesome.


A sunny day in Portland

February 2, 2010

Well Punxsutawney Phil may say six more weeks of winter, but the sun is shining here in Portland. Some great strides have been made in regards to packaging the coffee WAC is roasting as well. In the next week or two we will have samples ready we are excited to share. Below is a mason jar Brandon came up with and bag designs are in the works.


WAC Merch

January 16, 2010

In ink drip basements and cold garages, WAC Brandon has been working on merch ideas for an initial WAC attack. These are very limited, and are distributed on dreams, drinks and backdoor deals. Coming soon to a laundry pile near you.